Somos uma equipe internacional que acredita que todos deveriam ter acesso a uma web livre de censura.

Aaron Johnson

NRL researcher in applied cryptography with an interest in Tor's security and privacy.

Al Smith

Works on fundraising & communications.

Alexander Færøy

Works on core Tor development.

Alison Macrina

Leads the Library Freedom Project

Alissa Cooper

Alissa Cooper is on the board of directors for the Tor Project.

Allen Gunn

Executive Director of Aspiration, where he works with NGOs, activists, and human rights groups. Meeting facilitator and member of Tor's Community Council.


Metrics team contributor, working on the development and automated deployment of Onionperf.


Senior sysadmin and chief documentation apologist.

Andreas Lehner

Works at the intersection of security, privacy, data integrity and anonymity both in politics and technology.

Antonela Debiasi

Former UX team lead & designer.

Arlo Breault

Developer for Snowflake, Tor Messenger, and Check.

Armin Huremagic

Security researcher and contributes to Tor's anti-censorship team.

Arthur Edelstein

Works on Tor Browser.

Arturo Filastò

Project leader for OONI, has helped with tor2web, wrote Atlas which later became Relay Search, and helps improve security.

Bekeela Davila

Grants Manager.


Developer on the Tor Browser team.


Developer on the anti-censorship team. Works on pluggable transport development and integration, and BridgeDB.

Chelsea Komlo

Chelsea is a software/security engineer and a former contributor to core tor.

Damian Johnson

Author of the Stem python controller library and Nyx relay monitor.

Dan Ballard

Developer on the Applications team working on Tor Browser and

David Goulet

Tor development. Member of the Network Team.

Dees Chinniah

Desigan Chinniah, aka Dees or cyberdees is on the board of directors for the Tor Project. He is a creative technologist. Dees is a stalwart of the web and has had check-ins at various dot-coms most notably a decade at Mozilla, the makers of Firefox. He cares deeply about a healthier internet, open-source and community.

Dennis Jackson

Security & Performance Researcher

Duncan Larsen-Russell

UX & Design Team lead, product manager and lorem ipsum officianado.


emmapeel coordinates the localization (translations) of the different Tor software.

Erin Wyatt

Director of People & Office Operations and devoted dog mom.


Member of the Network Team, working on Arti.


Project Manager, facilitator and in a previous life a software engineer.

Gabriella Coleman

Anthropologist and Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University. Gabriella Coleman is on the board of directors for the Tor Project.

Georg Koppen

Currently lead of the Network Health team.


(Legacy) Tor *BSD Diversity Project member, Serge bridge directory authority maintainer, long-time relay operator and a wide variety of other contributions.

George Kadianakis

Onion services. Security analysis. Used to obfsproxy. Follower of the onion.

Giorgio Maone

Creator of NoScript, security breaker & builder, digital rights advocate & secular humanist activist, casting spells on the Tor Browser within the Applications Development Team.

Gustavo Gus

Works as Community Team Lead. Trainer, relay operator and Tor advocate.


Works on the websites. Helps people understand and use Tor and related software.

Hans-Christoph Steiner

Works on Orbot, NetCipher, and integrating Tor everywhere possible, especiall in Debian and Android. Also deeply mixed into Guardian Project.

Iain Learmonth

Director at SR2 Communications. Works on network health and anti-censorship projects.

Ian Goldberg

Professor of CS at the University of Waterloo developing Off-the-Record Messaging among other things.

Ian Jackson

Member of the Network Team, working on Arti.


He is one of our main interfaces with the Tails project.


Executive Director of the Tor Project.

Jacobo Nájera

Technologist and researcher in human rights. Contributes to Tor's anti-censorship team and growth of the network in Latin America

Jennifer Helsby

Lead developer of the SecureDrop whistleblower platform based at the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Jens Kubieziel

Volunteer that helped translate the website, is part of, and Tor's sysadmin team.

Jérôme Charaoui

Member of the sysadmin team.

Jim Newsome

Works on Shadow.

Joydeep Sen Gupta

Member of the Community Team, works as the user support specialist.


Contributed to OONI, bug tracker features, wrote tordyguards. Currently working on bandwidth scanner.

Julien Voisin

Sysadmin for Nos Oignons and maintainer of mat2.

Julius Mittenzwei

Julius Mittenzwei is on the board of directors for the Tor Project. Julius is a lawyer and internet activist with 19 years of leadership experience as an Executive Director and entrepreneur in the publishing industry.

Jurre van Bergen

Jurre helps hunt bad relays and is part of the Dutch relay foundation 'Hart voor Internetvrijheid'.

Karsten Loesing

(In memoriam) Original author of Tor Metrics and currently one of the main authors of OnionPerf.


Volunteer on the Community Team. Helps with t-shirts for relay operators and other odds and ends.

Kendra Albert

Kendra Albert (they/them), is on the board of directors for the Tor Project. They are a U.S.-based public interest technology lawyer with a special interest in computer security and in protecting marginalized speakers and users.


Security, Privacy and UX researcher, Invited Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, and co-founder of PrivacyLx.


Systems administration and web development at Tor.

Kushal Das

Manages RPM packages, Python core developer. Public Interest Technologist at SUNET. Member of the community team, privacy advocate focusing on new users.

Linus Nordberg

Software developer, sysadmin and co-founder of the Swedish partner :DFRI. Member of the sysadmin team. Runs one of the directory authorities.

Maria Xynou

Maria manages OONI's Partnership Program and writes research reports on internet censorship around the world.

Mark Smith

Developer on the Tor Browser team.

Matt Traudt

Matt implemented the KIST scheduler into Tor. He helps safely measure Tor and says helpful things on IRC.

Matthew Finkel

Worked on tor, torsocks, and many other projects. Helped maintain and develop BridgeDB.


Tor Project's Financial Coordinator, spreadsheet wrangler, bean counter, T-shirt supervisor, ace spam blaster, livestream director, and music librarian.


Author of txtorcon, carml and other Tor Python tools including some for bad-relay hunting.


Developer on the anti-censorship team.

Micah Anderson

Director of Engineering. Runs one of the directory authorities.

Micah Lee

Developer of OnionShare and Tor Browser Launcher journalist and security engineer at The Intercept and advocate for freedom of the press.

Mike Tigas

Works on Onion Browser, iOS, and hacker-journalist at ProPublica running their onion service.

Narrira Lemos

User Researcher, privacy & security confabulator.

Nathan Freitas

Founder of the Guardian Project. Orbot lead developer and contributor to Orfox, Onion Browser and NetCipher SDK. Director of Technology at Tibet Action Institute.

Nick Mathewson

One of the three original designers of Tor - does a lot of the ongoing design work, and coordinates and leads ongoing development.

Nico Bucaro

Brand Designer for the Tor Project.

Nicolas Vigier

Works on Tor Browser.

Nighat Dad

Nighat is on the board of directors for the Tor Project.


Works with UX and Community teams, and on Tor India initiatives. Started as an Outreachy intern.

Paul Syverson

NRL researcher on most things Tor. Inventor of onion routing, and one of the three original designers of Tor.

Peter Palfrader

Manages the Debian packages, runs one of the directory authorities, and generally helps out a lot.

Philipp Winter

Security and privacy researcher.

Pier Angelo Vendrame

Works on Tor Browser.

Pili Guerra

Former Project Manager for the Tor Browser, Community and UX teams.

Rabbi Rob Thomas

CEO of Team Cymru, which supports Tor through hosting, research, and infosec assistance.

Ramy Raoof

Ramy Raoof is a digital security mentor and privacy technologist. He has over a decade of experience investigating surveillance patterns, digital threats against civil society and developing safety protocols. He advocates for open-source as a crucial path towards healthier communities and social justice.

Rasmus Dahlberg

PhD student and software engineer that works on transparent, verifiable, and privacy-preserving systems.

Raya Sharbain

Education and communities coordinator. Palestinian roaming around Amman. Friend of the Jordan Open Source Association.

#مع_المعلم #المقاومة_جدوى_مستمرة

Richard Pospesel

Ricochet and Tor Browser developer.

Rob Jansen

NRL research scientist, leading expert in Tor network performance, and author of Shadow.

Roger Dingledine

Original developer of Tor along with Nick and Paul. Leading privacy researcher, coordinating developers and researchers.


Technical writing, UX, and fundraising for Tails.


Contributes to the Tor Browser.

Sebastian Hahn

Helps people around the world use and understand Tor better. Generally helps everything run smoothly. Runs one of the directory authorities.

Silvia Puglisi

Hiro builds and runs Tor Project's web applications and services. Member of the sysadmin team. Current GetTor maintainer.

Silvio Rhatto

Onion Services Site Reliability Engineer.

Sina Rabbani

Directory authority operator, outreach and trains human rights activists. System's Engineer at Team Cymru and co-Founder of

Stefani Banerian

Runs one of the directory authorities, bandwidth authority, and relays.

Steven Engler

Developer on the Shadow network simulator project.

Steven Murdoch

Principal Research Fellow at University College London. He is the original creator of the Tor Browser.

Sukhbir Singh

TorBirdy and Tor Messenger developer. Member of the Community Team.

Suphanat Chunhapanya

Contributes to core Tor and especially onion services.


Former Tor developer and chutney maintainer, worked on onion services, directory documents, and statistics.

Tobias Pulls

Senior Lecturer at Karlstad University, Sweden. Recovering applied crypto researcher, currently fighting neural nets.

Tom Ritter

Maintains Consensus Health, runs one of the bandwidth authorities, and contributes to Tor Browser.

Trinity Pointard

Software engineer, contributing mostly to Arti.


Internet (anti)censorship researcher, lepidopterist. Organizes workshops, events and meetups.

Vinicius Zavam

TorBSD Diversity Project (TDP); IPv6 Enthusiast, BSD Systems Evangelist, and Bridges/Relays Operator.

Wendy Seltzer

Techie lawyer and former Tor board member. She works on legal and policy support for private and secure communications.

Will Shackleton

Software Engineer at Facebook and maintainer of facebookcorewwwi.onion.

Yawning Angel

Author and maintainer of the Linux Tor Browser sandbox.

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